My Crash Course into the 21st Century

I recently got an iPad for work.  I’ve had it for two weeks so far, and I’m so excited about the potential I am seeing it has for improving my efficiency and effectiveness as a school psych.  The problem is, I’m still a little intimidated.  I know that I need to “just play with it” until I become more comfortable and figure things out.  But the sheer number and variability of possibilities with regards to apps and various uses is overwhelming, although exhilarating.  I ran across an article posted on Edublogs about iPad use in education last week ( ), and although I haven’t had as much time to go through it as I’d like, so far it’s proven to be a nice collection of advice and suggestions in one place.  I’ve especially appreciated an article by Justin Baeder ( ) about using the iPad as a principal.  Although I’m not a principal yet, it doesn’t hurt to start thinking like one (and a lot of the apps that are helpful to principals would likely be very helpful to me as well).

I’m glad that I am having the opportunity to integrate various  technology uses into my daily routine, but at this point, I’m still feeling so behind the times, that I think I’m struggling to catch up, rather than trying to be innovative.  I’m incorporating resources I’ve learned in class, tools that the district has given to me recently, and other uses that I’ve stumbled upon myself.  Although I’m feeling a little more comfortable every day, I’m realizing that this journey is much closer to a marathon than a sprint!

5 Responses to “My Crash Course into the 21st Century”

  1.    kindermartin Says:

    Jen, Embrace the iPad and before you know it you will be lost without it. I use mine for everything including working with children in my classroom. Nice job on your blog! Keep up the posts. 3.5/5

  2.    Lynne Kulich Says:

    Jen, I enjoyed reading your Blog, and I can relate to your Ipad crash course – I just received an Iphone to use for DIBELS assessments. I have a BlackBerry so an Iphone is new to me. I’m sure my 11 year old son can give me a tutorial because he has had one for two years. Once again, kids know more than we do! Great Blog. The only thing I would change is perhaps the background color. (Just my personal preference!) 4/5

  3.    Justin Baeder Says:

    Thanks Jen, for the kind words! Best wishes in your work.

  4.    Margaret Ruppert Says:

    Jen, I hear you about the aps that you would use if you were a principal. Think about all the ways that you could use it. Walk throughs, notes to teachers, notes to self, as you walk down the hall. The ipad is the way to go. and yes it definitely is a marathon not a sprint. 3/5

  5.    banddirector70 Says:

    Ive had several of my young alumni band students get these IPADS and they look awesome. I will probably get the PC version of it next year when they complete a nother version, but i see so much effiency with them. I do hear that some programs still need to be integrated better so thats why im waiting.

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